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Culturally Competent Practice with Refugees and Migrants in India and Germany


Social work education has a pivotal role in building, cultural competence of students, to engage with clients of diverse backgrounds. The need for developing an all-encompassing curriculum in this regard is an established fact (CSWE, 2008). The context of increasing number of migrants and refugees in Germany, and interstate migration from multicultural background in India, calls for establishment of a culturally sensitive social work practice model for working with refugees and migrants. This would facilitate their social integration and enhance their social capital. Little is documented about the role of social work education, in the enhancement of cultural competence of social work trainees. This study attempts to explore the social work curriculum, social work education and practice in India and Germany relation to:

  • Current curriculum coverage concerning building up of cultural competence of the social work trainees,
  • Perceived skills and knowledge in intercultural practice among practitioners and social work trainees
  • Confidence in intercultural practice among the trainees and practitioners
  • Examples of demonstrated competence in intercultural practice
  • Current methodologies for training for intercultural practice

Angaben zum Forschungsprojekt

Beginn des Projekts:2018
Ende des Projekts:2019
Projektleitung:Pfaller-Rott, Dr. Monika
Beteiligte Personen:Vollnhals, Lisa
Reiser, Simon
Finanzierung des Projekts:Begutachtete Drittmittel
  • Prof. Dr. Anish Kunnumpurathu, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kochi, Kerala
  • PhD Stud. Anil John, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kochi, Kerala
  • PhD Sutd. Jomy George, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kochi, Kerala
Themengebiete:D Pädagogik, Sozialarbeit
Projekttyp:Angewandte Forschung
Eingestellt am: 27. Feb 2018 17:18
Letzte Änderung: 01. Aug 2018 10:59
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